high five for friday

TGIF!  Finally it’s Friday! Yay!  Friday could not have come soon enough this week.

1.  Today is my Dad’s birthday! Happy Birthday to you Papa!  He loves to cook rather than go out to eat, so I am sure this weekend will be filled with many home cooked meals.  (Trust me, I’m not complaining!)

2.  I made a purchase on eBay a couple of weeks ago and it arrived this week – new to me Lilly Pulitzer pants!  The are a smidge big, but so cute a fun! Plus I got a great deal, so heading to the tailor for a few alterations won’t be a big deal.

photo (19)

3. Picked up my sweet friend, Stephanie’s French Bulldog, Henry,  from boarding and hung out with him for a few hours on Sunday.  He is hysterical!  He loves riding in the car – he just lays down and falls asleep.  He is shockingly strong for his size…he was definitely the one taking me for a walk on the leash not the other way around.

photo (18)

4.  My parents had my grandparents over for dinner one night this week and I joined them.  It’s always fun to get to hang out with all of them.  My grandparents just returned from a vacation so we got the full run down of the trip.  Tweed loves seeing them too!

5.  I hope to be able to carve out a bit of time to keep working on my new top!  I am sewing a pretty advanced (at least for me) pattern.  I will share all about how this project goes when it is complete.  I can’t wait to get the top finished – I have a whole outfit in my mind that I am dying to wear! 

How was your week?

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high five for friday


Friday is here again! I am one lucky girl this week.  Let me tell you about it…




1. My dad gave me an exactly 2 months early birthday present.  He pre-ordered Bobby Flay’s new book Barbecue Addiction from William Sonoma, which allowed us to meet Bobby  & get his autograph on Sunday.  The two of us waited in line for about 2.5 hours.  Luckily, the Dallas weather was wonderful and they gave us a little treat of guacamole while we waited.  Bobby was so adorable in his dark straight legged denim, mushroom suede driving moccasins, and plaid button down.  I have a bit of a crush on him, I have to admit.  Thanks to my Dad for being a trooper in the line and taking this great picture.  It was a GREAT present! I have lots of cooking to do!

Bobby  Me (2)



2. The sweet grandpa in front of us in line made a joke with a William Sonoma staffer about  how he needed a beer to go with his guacamole. About 20 minutes later, the staffer returned with a bottle of IBC root beer.  He then turned to me and offered it to me because he doesn’t drink soda.  How sweet was that?  The grandpa was there to get the autograph for his grandson! He waited all 2.5 hours for this autograph – what a trooper!!



3. My aunt is in town this week. I haven’t seen her in about 4 years, so it is great to have some time to catch up!  We are headed to Canton, TX Trade Days today with my mom.  There is a lot of kettle corn, walking, and fun ahead of us! I will let you know what great finds we encounter!



4. Captured a great shot of Tweed!  He was super cooperative at the Vet when a treat was dangled in front of him! Sweet baby!

Tweed at Vet



5. I did a small amount of cooking this week! I made Broccoli Slaw.  So it was more stirring than cooking, but it still counts.  This is definitely my favorite way to eat ramen – crushed up as a topping. Delish!



How was your week?

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high five for friday

This week has absolutely flown by!  I haven’t had a second to spare.

1. I spent Easter with the majority of my extended family.  It was great! My 4-year-old cousin Emmylou, a virtual mini me, showed Mary-Todd (only other girl out of the 9 cousins) and me how she has learned to write her name.  She is the youngest of the 9 so it is fun see what she will say next!  The three of us girls are only together a few times a year so we soak up every minute.

2. Also, at our Easter celebration, we got to have my Aunt Kelley’s Sheet Cake for dessert! It is the ABSOLUTE best!! (it’s so good it deserves its own piece of the 5.)

3. I attended a luncheon this week to celebrate my Tri Delta Alumnae chapter raising $20,000 for Texas Scottish Rite Hospital this past Christmas season at our annual Cookies & Castles gingerbread decorating party.  We had such a wonderful time with this event and all of the candy filled children in attendance – it was a giant room full of sugar highs.  TSRH is an amazing place that does so much for children and really doesn’t feel like a hospital at all.  It is an honor to work with this hospital and these great women.

4. Dallas has been rather gloomy, chilly & very un spring like this week.  So, to combat this problem, I went for the yellow pants.  It completely changed my attitude for the better.


yellow pants


5.  Friday is cleaning day  (boo….) and I have the urge to cook this weekend.  So, as usual, I will be perusing The Pioneer Woman‘s blog for recipes.  If I have any luck with this, there will be more to follow.

How was your week?

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putting pinterest to the test

Sunday, I finally did what I always tell myself to do…cook!! So, I pulled out the iPad and ran through my endless list of recipes to try from Pinterest.  I ran across a crock pot rancher’s roast beef.  The pin led me to a great and super easy to follow food blog: Heather Likes Food (link to blog & recipe)!  I made a few alterations.  I used Italian dressing mix instead of ranch just because I already had it on hand.  Also, I didn’t add in any sour cream as I unfortunately, must remain lactose free.  BORING, I know.

Take a look at the before shot – right when I added the ingredients to the crock pot!


Doesn’t this look great already!

The finished product in the crock pot – wish we had scratch and sniff blogs so you could smell the wonderful smell that filled my whole house.


I couldn’t wait to get it on a plate!! I also tried spaghetti squash – it went horribly a rye.  over cooked? I think so.  Prepared in an amateur manner?  Absolutely.  But, back to the delicious beef! After all, it’s what’s for dinner.  I mean who am I kidding…I am Texan to the core!


I have eaten two different versions of this meat as leftovers.  Today at work, I sliced the meat and ate it cold on a hawaiian roll.  Healthy lunch! Jealous co-workers.  Then tonight for dinner I tossed several slices of the meat into a skillet and heated them up.  I also steamed broccoli.  The broiled hot dog bun is a family favorite.  For some reason, when you put butter on a bun and broil it for toast it becomes a heavenly treat!


Heather – great recipe! SUPER easy & SUPER tasty! Thanks!!

And a big thank you to the blogosphere for inspiring me to cook! (A huge feat! Just ask my friends!)

high five for friday

1. I have ALWAYS wanted to have a #h54f post! Ever since I first read one on both The Small Things Blog & From My Grey Desk Blog.  This is a dream come true! I read each of these blogs daily and they were my inspiration for starting my own. Sisters Kate and Lauren each share a unique point of view on their lives, fashion, hairstyles, & make up.  From the bottom of my heart I have to thank each of them for giving me the guts to give this a try myself.  Also, for the candid honesty of their posts.

2. I did it…I started the blog.  That in and of itself is a big accomplishment.  It is a learning process but I am really loving it so far.    Can’t wait to delve in further.

3.  This week I made 2 home-made dinners.  Those of you who know me understand what an accomplishment this is.

4. two words…chik-fil-a breakfast…need i say more?

5.  Looking forward to many home improvement projects over the weekend.  Let’s hope this energy lasts long enough to accomplish many things! I will keep you posted

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inspired to cook?

Have you heard of the Pioneer Woman?  I stumbled across her blog MANY years ago! After reading just a few of her posts, I knew I was hooked.  She writes about many different aspects of her life and it makes me want to live out on a ranch in the country…almost. Let’s face it.  I am a city girl.  It would take one very special cowboy to change my mind.  Although, I do love cowboy boots.

She wrote a book that is essentially the story of how she and her husband fell in love.  Its called Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels – A Love Story.  I recommend it to EVERYONE.  I may or may not have read the entire thing in about a day and a half (or less).  It, like her blog & cookbooks, is addicting.  Go. Purchase. Read. You can thank me later.

Now, I watch her Food Network show each weekend.  Recently, I saw an episode where she cooked out of her pantry.  I am slightly embarrassed to say that I don’t have much of a pantry…like virtually non-existent.  I have a few spices, several types of dried pasta, and a few baking supplies.  Sad but true.  The result of this is that I went grocery shopping (on a Sunday…yes, I was feeling brave) to be able to cook from my pantry 3 days later.  That counts, right?

The recipe that I had to have this week was a pasta dish.  Here is how my dear friend, Ree (The Pioneer Woman) prepared her meal: Pantry Pasta.  I call her a friend.  Is that nuts? I haven’t met her, ever.  But I respect her so much AND enjoy all that she shares with the world.  Therefore, she is a friend in my book.

While I didn’t use many of the same ingredients, she was definitely my inspiration.  She said to cook with what I had…I tried, but it was more like cook with what I purchased. Baby steps here in the kitchen.  Cooking anything is a big deal to me.

Disclaimer: I am a NOVICE in the photography category.


ingredients: wild mushroom fettuccine, sun-dried tomatoes, diced tomatoes, pesto (heaven), frozen broccoli pieces, goat cheese (creamy, tangy treat)

oh yes, and these too!


last few ingredients: red pepper flakes (just a few), chicken stock, garlic powder

I cooked up (you hear the Texas in me?!) all of the ingredients. Pasta in its own pot, the rest in a skillet.  I added the pesto and chicken stock towards the end of cooking.  It was a dance 10, looks 3 type of meal.  Anyone else love A Chorus Line? (I know it’s rather racy…but consider yourself warned.) This part of the show was running through my head as I cooked…well at least the first part of the song.  Yes, I have a love of musical theater.  guilty as charged. There is something wonderful about the feeling of a musical where the emotions and feelings are so great that there is nothing left to do but sing and dance.  This is how all of life should be.

Goat cheese is my new love.  It melts into the hot pasta forms a creamy cheesy sauce that just makes the meal.  I added it right before serving.


goat cheese = game changer

All told, it was a great dinner! I look forward to the leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch at work.  Maybe this cooking thing is better than I thought? Only time will tell. One thing I know for sure….Pioneer Woman makes cooking a whole lot more fun. What will she inspire me to cook next?