there’s something looming on the horizon

I cashed in some credit card points for an Amazon gift card.  What a perfect excuse to purchase a few new (some used) books!  Since my love of sewing has been renewed, I picked up several sewing books.  I ordered several used books, and so they are slowly arriving at my doorstep from across the USA.  Today’s arrival has me sew excited! (See what I did there.)

sewing edges and corners

Sewing Edges & Corners (Decorative Techniques for Your Home and Wardrobe) by Linda Lee. 

I can’t wait to try out some of these techniques.  I would love to make a really large pillow with box corners.  This would make a great bed for Tweed!  I would love to use mitered corners on curtains (which are high on my to do list to complete my condo decor).  Finally, I would like to make euro shams for my bed with flanged edges.  Each of these is explained in this book.  Can you tell I am super excited about this?!

I will report back when projects are complete!  Man, I love Amazon and today, the used books option in particular.


high five for friday

This was quite an interesting week…

1. Out with some friends this weekend and happened to see the Bachelor, Sean Lowe.  naturally, we went over and tried to act cool…tried and failed…but he was really sweet (not to mention cute).  My friends and I are mildly really into the show.  Hope it all turns out well for my fellow Dallasite! We’re rooting for you Sean!

sean lowe and me

2. I finished reading Safe Haven this weekend.  Nicholas Sparks has done it again! He really does tell a great story.  There was a lot more suspense than I expected.  I am really excited to see the movie version this weekend.

3. Mardi Gras was Tuesday, and although I was under the weather, I celebrated with a pancake supper.  This is a tradition we had when I was at an Episcopal school as a kid.  My family also lived in New Orleans during my tween years.  FYI-Tween wasn’t even a term when I was that age.  So, I have to say my heart really wanted to be there on St. Charles! There is a lot of Mardi Gras love within me.

Mardi Gras

4. My mom gave me a great Valentine treat.  I firmly believe that you can never have too many fun mugs!


5. Really looking forward to tonight – headed to see a fun band with a group of friends and dance the night away.  TGIF for sure!

How was everyone else’s week?

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high five for friday

Here we are at my third #h54f!

1. I have been in a battle with my washing machine for a while now.  Currently, it’s a losing battle.  tile floor plus plastic washer feet = slippery, so I added rubber feet….no dice…now it walks out of its closet and is really hard for me to move back because of the rubber feet…..any and ALL suggestions welcome 🙂 please and thank you!  Take a look at the culprit and my rant on instagram.

2. I FINALLY got my hair cut!! It was WAY overdue.  (Sorry for the lack of picture….I have a lot to learn about taking pictures of myself)  The cut wasn’t extreme or anything, but the fresh ends are worth every penny.  Also, I just love getting my hair cut & styled.  There is just something so relaxing about having your hair washed and head massaged followed by a cut and blow out.  just the best! This can be a stressful time for some…but I have gone to the same stylist for 10+ years and we know each other very well and she never steers me wrong.

3. I have become throughly engrossed in Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks.  It’s a great story and I am less than a week away from the movie hitting theaters…its crunch time people!

4. Starting to get really excited about BlissDom 2013.  I am planning on spending some quality time this weekend prepping and learning more about the conference. AND of course beginning to plot my outfits for the event!

5.  I am READY for the weekend! I spent a lot of time this week helping Mama (yes, that’s what I call my mom….let’s be serious…this is Texas people) prep for the open house for her new business Let’s Craft Together by Blue Parfait.  She will be teaching several craft classes a month with different themes and projects.  More on that to come, but its an exciting time for her! I have to say I am dog tired.

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inspired to cook?

Have you heard of the Pioneer Woman?  I stumbled across her blog MANY years ago! After reading just a few of her posts, I knew I was hooked.  She writes about many different aspects of her life and it makes me want to live out on a ranch in the country…almost. Let’s face it.  I am a city girl.  It would take one very special cowboy to change my mind.  Although, I do love cowboy boots.

She wrote a book that is essentially the story of how she and her husband fell in love.  Its called Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels – A Love Story.  I recommend it to EVERYONE.  I may or may not have read the entire thing in about a day and a half (or less).  It, like her blog & cookbooks, is addicting.  Go. Purchase. Read. You can thank me later.

Now, I watch her Food Network show each weekend.  Recently, I saw an episode where she cooked out of her pantry.  I am slightly embarrassed to say that I don’t have much of a pantry…like virtually non-existent.  I have a few spices, several types of dried pasta, and a few baking supplies.  Sad but true.  The result of this is that I went grocery shopping (on a Sunday…yes, I was feeling brave) to be able to cook from my pantry 3 days later.  That counts, right?

The recipe that I had to have this week was a pasta dish.  Here is how my dear friend, Ree (The Pioneer Woman) prepared her meal: Pantry Pasta.  I call her a friend.  Is that nuts? I haven’t met her, ever.  But I respect her so much AND enjoy all that she shares with the world.  Therefore, she is a friend in my book.

While I didn’t use many of the same ingredients, she was definitely my inspiration.  She said to cook with what I had…I tried, but it was more like cook with what I purchased. Baby steps here in the kitchen.  Cooking anything is a big deal to me.

Disclaimer: I am a NOVICE in the photography category.


ingredients: wild mushroom fettuccine, sun-dried tomatoes, diced tomatoes, pesto (heaven), frozen broccoli pieces, goat cheese (creamy, tangy treat)

oh yes, and these too!


last few ingredients: red pepper flakes (just a few), chicken stock, garlic powder

I cooked up (you hear the Texas in me?!) all of the ingredients. Pasta in its own pot, the rest in a skillet.  I added the pesto and chicken stock towards the end of cooking.  It was a dance 10, looks 3 type of meal.  Anyone else love A Chorus Line? (I know it’s rather racy…but consider yourself warned.) This part of the show was running through my head as I cooked…well at least the first part of the song.  Yes, I have a love of musical theater.  guilty as charged. There is something wonderful about the feeling of a musical where the emotions and feelings are so great that there is nothing left to do but sing and dance.  This is how all of life should be.

Goat cheese is my new love.  It melts into the hot pasta forms a creamy cheesy sauce that just makes the meal.  I added it right before serving.


goat cheese = game changer

All told, it was a great dinner! I look forward to the leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch at work.  Maybe this cooking thing is better than I thought? Only time will tell. One thing I know for sure….Pioneer Woman makes cooking a whole lot more fun. What will she inspire me to cook next?