can’t get enough of golden globes fashion

Here we are again, one of my favorite times of the year….AWARDS SEASON!!! It combines several of my loves, fashion, films, and TV.  The People’s Choice Awards were on this past week, but I am not sure they count.  Yes, I am an awards show purist.   The Golden Globes kicked off the season in style, especially this year!  I can’t remember a time when I have LOVED this many gowns at one event.  There were several dapper men as well.

There were so many gems that it is hard to share just a few!




Julianna Margulies – Andrew Gn – Black and gold ball gown.  The gold coral accents were just perfect to make it one of the most elegant gowns of the evening.  The look was completed with stunning chandelier earrings and a low chignon.  I would wear this dress in a heartbeat!



Sofia Vergara – Zac Posen and Lorraine Schwartz – black ball gown with huge turquoise collar necklace.  The slightly dropped waist gave a wonderful spotlight moment to the necklace that I am dying to have.  Turquoise is one of my all time favorites, especially in formal settings.  Also, I loved that she worn her hair down.  This allowed the necklace to show even more than it would have if her hair was pulled back.




Michelle Dockery – Oscar De La Renta – what could be better for the Lady Mary than and this asymmetrical hemmed beauty.  The dramatic lipstick really completed the look with her super dark hair.  Oscar’s gown acted as its own jewelry with the beautiful gold accents.



Sandra Bullock – Prabal Gurung – This color block gown was a little more playful than we are used to seeing on Sandra Bullock.  In my opinion this was one of the most wonderful gowns of the evening.  I especially love the pink peeking out from the underside of the skirt.  This small detail really finishes the gown.   Some people may not have loved this look, but I think she killed it!



Taylor Swift – Carolina Herrera – While I am not always in love with TSwift’s choices in fashion, this gown was stunning.  The lipstick pink red gown with black bodice was both age appropriate and elegant.  Here softly styled hair and signature red lipstick really complimented soft waves of the fabric of the gown.

On to the gorgeous men…



Bradley Cooper – Tom Ford – Between his blue eyes and this tux, I don’t know what could be better.



Matthew McConaughey – Dolce & Gabbana – Three words: Velvet tux jacket.  Velvet is one of my faves, especially when it is worn by this good-looking Texan.  It takes the tux to a new level of formal and I like it.

Finally, a shout out to my love of navy & black.  Oddly enough, dear Seth Myers of SNL was one showing off this perfect combination.



I could go on and on, but I will stop and wait anxiously for the next gem of the award season – the SAG awards.


Is online window shopping a thing?

In an effort to be more of a saver and less of a spender, I have decided to start online window shopping.  My sweet friend Erika taught me this phrase “online window shopping.”  I’ve adopted it because it is just oh so clever! For me, its WAY more safe than window shopping in the traditional sense.  I keep my wallet FAR out of arms reach, which really isn’t possible at the actual mall.

I am very ready for some fall weather.  I’m getting to the point of the summer where all of my clothes are feeling very blah and over worn.  Fall fashion is everywhere these days, which doesn’t help my situation.   With the September issues of all of the glossies hitting stores, I long for a few new treasures for my closet.  Hence, the online window shopping.  Tonight’s find: H&M.

H&M is a favorite of mine, especially as far as fast fashion goes.   This fall will be no exception.   I hope these items hop into my closet at some point this fall!   After spending over an hour checking out everything, I have reigned it in to nine items I would like love to own!

H&M Fall Collage

grey blouse / 20s dress / cape
imitation leather skirt  / shirt dress / Jacquard pants
leopard wristlet / imitation leather pants / leopard pumps 
  • This grey blouse would be so pretty for the fall with these great Theory raspberry tweed skinny suit pants my mom gave me for my birthday.  Add a pair of patent mary-janes and the outfit is complete!
  • Ever since I saw The Great Gatsby, I have been enthralled with all things deco 20s/early 30s.  I imagine this dress with long strands of pearls, dark black tights and yet again, black patent mary-janes.  (Can you tell I live in my patent mary-janes in the fall/winter)
  • I have wanted a winter cape for several years now.  Then I saw Heather Dubrow (Real Housewives of Orange County) wearing one on the episode where they went to select Tamra’s wedding dress.  Needless to say, I have been counting down the days until the fall so that I can scoop one up for myself.  This might be just the ticket!
  • I am really excited about this imitation leather skirt because it keeps a look I love in my budget! Imagine this with a lipstick pink chiffon blouse tucked in, black tights, and wedge boots.  Come to think of it, I might want a new pair of boots to wear with this ensemble, but I digress.
  • I am mad for plaid!  I would love this with some chocolate-brown tights and caramel riding boots.  Casual and still pulled together for an outing with friends.  I bet it would be really cute with denim skinnys too!
  • It’s hard to tell, but there is a pattern in the weave of these pants.  It adds a richness and depth to closet staple.  They would be perfect for day-to-night, or even a holiday party.  Bleh, holiday party…its still 100 degrees outside…what am i thinking?!
  • My new favorite small bag for a night on the town is a wristlet.  I know I am a little late for the party on this one.  The patent leopard would go with just about anything!
  • These imitation black leather pants are just beyond.  I imagine them with a sparkly top for a night on the town!  The perfect piece to update my wardrobe for Fall 2013!
  • Leopard remains top dog in my book.  These pumps would be great for work to add some color my fall wardrobe. What can I say, my go to color is black – year round!

What ‘s calling your name for the fall?

broadway’s biggest night, the tony’s: A fashion review

Broadway’s biggest night did not fail to impress.  First, can we talk about Neil Patrick Harris (NPH)?!




No only did he look great, but he was a phenomenal host.  NPH brought the opening number to a new level.  It featured all of the nominated numbers and several award winners that are still running today.  I also loved a bit he did where he combined the names of musicals and plays in order to create “playcicals.”  It was hysterical. google it.

I have to say that I have a special place in my heart for Rogers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella.  Seeing the number from the revival with a sea of rainbow dresses dancing the night away at the ball warmed my heart.  But on to the fashion…

There were very few looks that I didn’t enjoy.  Only two stood out to me as not the best choice.

1. Judith Light wore a Zac Posen gown that would have been lovely except for the incomplete sleeves on the bodice.  They had a robot/armor look to them  with wide shoulders and were open in for lack of a better term, the arm pit…not my favorite.



2. Scarlett Johansson looks like she is ready for a nice dinner or a night on the town, not the Tony’s.  This is a formal event and she should have had on a ball gown.  I felt like it was almost disrespectful to importance of the event.




And then there were the looks that I couldn’t get enough of…

Audra McDonald looked stunning in her black and white David Meister gown – her side-swept hair was the perfect accent to this dress.



Jane Krakowski wore a sequin filled metallic Escada gown.  I loved the mixed metals and the solid belt.  Her dramatic eye makeup was such a contrast to the light silver gown, but it really completed the look and prevented her from looking washed out.



I have to take a moment to mourn the cancellation of SMASH.  The cast was so talented and the music was incredible and I, for one, will desperately miss this show.  Bringing broadway to evening TV was so much fun and I am sad to see it gone after only 2 seasons.  Speaking of Smash, they did a great number at the Tony’s about broadway actors who were a part of TV shows that were cancelled.  It was so funny and a slightly inappropriate at times.  Megan Hilty, one of the stars of Smash, looked great in her cream/nude gown (I have to admit it was a risk to wear a sheer skirt) and her hair looked so pretty pulled up and away from her face so that the audience could focus on her voice.



However, all of that being said, my best dressed for the night was Anna Kendrick.



She killed it in a Donna Karan Atelier navy and black gown.  I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again.  Navy blue and black is one of my ALL TIME favorite color combinations.  This dress was young and fun and totally elegant all at the same time.

With that, awards season draws to a close until the Emmy Awards in fall, such a shame.

March Birchbox




*All that I share below regarding Birchbox and its contents are my own personal opinions.  I do not receive compensation of any kind for the review provided.

I have been a loyal Birchbox subscriber for well over a year. I found out about Birchbox from Kate over at The Small Things Blog.  She received so many interesting products that I wanted to try it for myself.  (Thanks, Kate!)  For $10 a month you receive several deluxe sized samples of great beauty products.  I have fallen in love with many different gems through out this time.  I have always I have gotten my $10 worth each month (usually I feel like its worth WAY more).  I have to say that I am a beauty/hair product junkie, and so this is right up my alley.

This month I received an especially great box.

  • Macadamia Natural Oil – Healing Oil Treatment (in the bottle with the green top).  First of all, this sample is HUGE.  It smells great (but not very strong).  I used just a tiny amount of it in my hair.  I have very limp hair naturally and oils make me nervous.  This tiny amount was great – it helped tame fly aways and didn’t leave a greasy residue.
  • Make – Dual-Phase Eye Makeup Remover – I am not a huge makeup remover girl.  I just usually use face soap to remove my makeup.  However, this one will be great to keep on hand for the times when I need it.  It has very little fragrance, which my sensitive skin appreciates.
  • Make – Lipstick – Maraschino Cherry – This bright red lip stick has a matte finish, which is really nice for such a bright color.  It stays on well and doesn’t dry out my lips too much.  It is fun to dress up a traditional work outfit with this playful color.  I am loving it!  I am pretty adventurous with color, and I have to say this is not for the faint at heart.
  • Sage + fasten – Common Sense Perfume – This light fragrance is nice.  The tiny roll on formula will be great to keep on hand for travel.  I prefer more “food oriented” fragrances because I have allergies, but this is nice to mix it up.
  • Macadamia Natural Oil – Deep Repair Masque – I haven’t had a chance to try this yet, but I plan to this weekend.  It is about time I treated my hair to a masque with all of the products and heat I apply to it each day.
  • Madewell for Birchbox – Emery Board – pretty pink on one side and fun floral on the other.  What could be better?

Are you a Birchbox subscriber?  Do you have a favorite product that you have received?

to work out, or not to workout? that is the question.

I got a VERY random urge to work out.  For those of you who know me well, wipe those shocked looks off your face.  It happens from time to time (like 4 times a year).  I am working on increasing that number.  Naturally, when it crossed my mind to work out, I immediately began running outfit options through my head.  Do you wear outfits to work out?  Or would just calling it clothes be better? Either way, this led me to some online window shopping.  The results of this led to a workout wish list.

Check out this great top and cropped pants from Lululemon.

back on track tankChevron Lululemon

image, image

The reason I love this top is really three-fold.  1. It’s not a racer back tank. (Racer backs bother my shoulder blades) 2. It is not fitted around the waist and abdomen.  I mean, who wants to work out with a tank squeezing you in half?  2. Pink, but not too much, need I say more?

These pants are great because they are fitted to just below the knee – the open calves will be great for a dance class because they won’t ride up.  If I am going to work out, you better believe it is some sort of dance.

If I had great work out clothes, then maybe I would be happy to put them on and work out?  At least that’s my current plan.  I will keep you posted.


fashion review – Oscar style

My favorite night of the year was Sunday.  I ate up every minute of it this year, beginning on the red carpet, of course.  You know what I’m talking about…The Academy Awards!  I know there has been lots of talk about Seth McFarlane and that is to be expected.  I really enjoyed the opening.  Not so much the William Shatner part, but the dance numbers were great.  I certainly didn’t know that Charlize Theron was a trained ballerina (or so I’ve read).  She and Channing Tatum were amazing.  I have a huge crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  I always have, I think its linked to his dimples.  So, seeing him and Daniel Radcliff dance was just the best.  Then in the middle of the show, Jennifer Hudson reminded us all just how amazing she is (like we needed reminding).  She really killed it singing from her role in Dreamgirls. Celebrating music in films is definitely a huge win in my book.

But down to the nitty gritty…the Oscar fashion.

Without a question in my mind, Reese Witherspoon was the best dressed.  She wore Louis Vuitton gown, jewels, and shoes.  It was my absolute favorite color combination cobalt blue and black. Her classic hairstyle really let the dress speak for itself.  I am constantly in awe at her poise and friendly/outgoing demeanor.  When she introduced the first 3 nominations for best picture she reinforced just  why I look up to her so much.

Reese Witherspoon - Oscars


Kerry Washington has been the one to beat this award season.  The coral jeweled Miu Miu dress was stunning.  It reminded me of something that Audrey Hepburn would have worn back in the days of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  It was the perfect level of old hollywood glamour that the Oscars really command.

Kerry Washington - Oscars


I must have a little critical moment.  Amanda Seyfried is typically dressed to impress.  But, at the Oscars I was less than impressed with her look.  I think it could have been partially remedied if she had just worn a lip color that stood out from her face.  She really redeemed herself when she performed in the gorgeous red dress. That performance was wonderful, sheesh I still need to see Les Miserables.

Amanda Seyfried - oscarsamanda-seyfried-governors-ball02013

image, image

Jennifer Lawrence won an Oscar in a gown worthy of a winner – Dior Haute Couture.  The blush pink and white gown really stood out amongst the crowd and had a youthful playfulness and elegance that really represented her age and personality.  Her hairstyle really completed the look – swept off her face and beautiful.

Jennifer Lawrence - Oscars


My last critical moment of the post goes to Anne Hathaway.  I am tired of her wearing the same color almost white, almost blush. Find some color lady!

Anne Hathaway - Oscars


My best dressed couple is of course – Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck.  The love between these two was so obvious when Ben made his acceptance speech for Best Picture.  Jennifer stuck to her go to color family – red, setting on a beautiful Merlot  almost purple gown with an amazing bustle/train…MAJOR!  Ben looked dapper in his tux and was so humble and gracious in his speech.  I just can’t get enough!

Jen and Ben oscars


Then we saw America’s sweetheart – Sandra Bullock.  She went a little bit edgy in the lace Elie Saab gown.  She worn a classic Sandy hairstyle and carried herself as only she can.  A+

85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals


Jennifer Anniston killed it in red ball gown.  I would wear that gown any day.  Her hair was a little plain for the gown, but that is her style.  Red or black is her go to color and we haven’t seen her in red in a while.  I was so impressed she went with a ball gown – not her typical silhouette and that made it even more special.

Jenn Aniston Oscars


Halle Berry’s dress was a 21st century throw back to a zoot suit and was really fun.

halle berry oscars


Not so much about the men’s fashion at the Oscars.  All very dapper and formal.  Nothing out of the ordinary, which we really can’t complain about.

What did y’all think?  best dressed?

fashion review – grammy style

I’ll admit I was an entire day late watching the e! red carpet and Grammy awards (which had been dutifully DVR-ed).  I was completely impressed with the musical performances of the night.  I think this was one of the most entertaining Grammy awards in many years.  Loved the reggae tribute with Bruno Mars, Sting, Rhianna, and the Marley brothers.  The retro glam way Bruno Mars performs really brings style to the 21st century.  Big bands were a thing of the 1940s along with the wide lapel dinner jackets.  It’s a little crazy that I loved this tribute because I don’t even like reggae music, not even a little bit.  It must be the modern take of Bruno and the collaboration that drew me in. We must not leave out  Justin Timberlake…nough said.  (more on my love of JT in a bit).

Carrie Underwood stole the show in her elegant Roberto Cavalli gown with sparkly jewels and soft curls.  She looked glamorous in a dress that could have quickly made a turn to a gothic look.  Also, she knows how to walk in it & the appropriate way to lift it up to climb the stairs of the stage when accepting an award.

carrie grammys


I also appreciate that the Grammy’s bring together so many different styles and levels of dress.  The Grammy’s are the only place that you will see pants and balls gowns side by side, I’m convinced.  Kaley Cuoco looked great in leather leggings and a sequined blazer.

kaley grammys


JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE killed it.  The look:  the black moire blazer & oversized (slightly) bow tie.  Moire is a fabric that appears to have a wood grain.  Elegant, fashion forward, old hollywood.  His new “swept off his face” styled hair really completed the look.  In my book, he can do no wrong.  I was thrilled beyond belief to have him back on stage singing. Tom Ford, I salute you.

JT grammys


There is no great way to explain any of the many examples of a fashion faux pas (in my book) of the night because of the range of styles represented.  Also, do you dress up for the event, since it’s a big deal, or do you dress in the look you have cultivated as an artist?  Or maybe thats just me not understanding the hipster, rocker, rapper way of life?  Let’s face it – I know nothing about any of these.

What are your thoughts on Grammy style?

fashion review – SAG awards style

Let me start by expressing the sheer joy I get when award season rolls around each year.  I watch every red carpet and award show possible.  I do a little dance of joy when I see Giuliana Rancic live from the red carpet on E!. I am fascinated by the wardrobe choices time after time.  Sometimes I love the choice, sometimes I think it looks like a sea-foam green trash bag (cough cough Jessica Chastain at the Golden Globes).  Another piece of the puzzle that I love is seeing styles that harken back to decades gone by.  These modern adaptations are usually some of the top looks on my best dressed list.

Having studied fashion in college and well really for my whole life, I have several opinions about the fashion on the red carpet of the SAG awards.  These opinions are just about the fashions worn and never about the people wearing them or the designers who created them.

The SAG awards were particularly impressive this year.  The looks were at times more adventurous than those of the Golden Globes.  Maybe the stars were feeling more adventurous because they were feeling very comfortable giving awards to each other in a room of their peers.  I have no clue, but I liked it.



Jessica Chastain (Alexander McQueen) – red hair, red carpet, red dress – perfect. classic elegance with loads of diamonds.



Amanda Seyfried (Zac Posen) – navy (one of my favorite colors ever, often under appreciated), layers of train, art deco necklace (1920s anyone?!)

jen lawrence sag


Jennifer Lawrence (Christian Dior)- another navy gem, tiny bit of layering at the knee, classic lines, slightly understated.  Personally, I would have liked her hair up off of her face a little.  But, she did wear it all back for the Golden Globes so I get it.



Kerry Washington (Rodarte) – **Modern Adaptation**Normally I would be opposed to this gown because of its snow-white color in January.  I make an exception here because of the design.  The “bustle” inspired look of the lace ruffles on the back of the gown give the impression of the true bustle era of the late 1800s.  The modern version did not add dimension and for lack of a better term, “poof” to the back, but rather just layers of lace with contrasting edge.

I didn’t for get about the men.



Justin Timberlake (Tom Ford) – tweed suit, enough said. Tom Ford can do no wrong in my book.  This was an outside the box choice even for JT.


Eddie Redmayne (Burberry? *not confirmed) – two words  – velvet tux.  Velvet is so perfect for the season, so old hollywood.  There is just something about velvet that makes me happy  – If I had my way, I would have velvet in all aspects of my life – clothing, housewares, drapes, you name it.

ben and jen sag


Finally, a little bit of love for the couple to beat – Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner.  They didn’t walk the red carpet together but I caught a glimpse of them getting out of them limo as they went off to their respective red carpet commitments.  I just love the two of them together, the way they talk about each other, and the fun they look like they are having living their lives together. Bonus: Jen is wearing Oscar de la Renta – she can do no wrong.

*I just can’t share any worst dressed, I just don’t have the heart this time.  Already feeling a little guilty for calling out Jessica Chastain at the globes.  Maybe I will be feeling more cut throat for different show, stay turned.