high five for friday

TGIF Friends!!

1.  Did some organizing this weekend…just the tip of the iceberg, but you have to start somewhere, right?!

photo (8)

2. Spent some time this weekend preparing for one of my college friend’s wedding this weekend! I cannot wait to celebrate the marriage of two high school sweethearts!  I will be doing a reading during the ceremony, wish me luck and say a little prayer that the words flow freely.

3. Tweed had a bath and much-needed haircut and looks so fresh and clean now.  I love it when his apricot shows!

Clean Tweed

4.  Spent Thursday night with some of my closest friends at a concert at the Dallas Arboretum to have an early birthday celebration.  It was triple digit heat most of the night but we had a great time!  Got to spend some time with my little friend, Crew – isn’t he precious! AND they brought a cookie cake for me – SO sweet and delicious!

Victoria & Crew

sweaty friends with the sun beaming down on us!

Cookie Cake

Delish! Thank you friends!!

5. Today is my Birthday! That’s right folks, the big 2-7.  Looking forward to what is in store for me in the year ahead.

How was you week?

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