high five for friday

Oops, I missed last week!  Sorry! Time got away from me while I was prepping for and attending BlissDom.  But, I am back and can’t wait to share my week with you.

1. BlissDom was SO MUCH fun! I learned a lot and met some really great people.  One teaser of a highlight that I will share is that I got this AMAZING little makeup bag from The Pleated Poppy.  It combines several of my favorite things – polka dots, metallics, and pinky – coral.  (more on BlissDom to come)

pleated poppy

2.After a GREAT (& exhausting) weekend, I was happy to be back home.  I was so happy that I even made a homemade supper!  Hamburger, bacon, onion, mushroom, & tomato sauce on garlic and chives pasta with a little goat cheese tossed in.  YUM! ps. I am currently loving this giant cappuccino mug for just about anything but its intended purpose.  It is so perfect for eating on my couch!

homemade dinner

3.  Had a great glass of bubbly on Tuesday night when I met up with a friend for a little happy hour.  There is just something about a little bubbly that puts you in a great mood.  Notice the lipstick on the glass – I was rocking my new Make lipstick from my Birchbox. (more about that here.) Its a super fun bright red so it definitely marked the glass on the first sip.


4. I have to report this because it’s a really big deal, for now.  I worked out!  I went to a cardio dance class with two of my friends and it was so much fun! It was definitely a workout! Now that there are three of us going to the class it will be good to have accountability  buddies to get ourselves to class.

5.Easter is this weekend! I have the day off of work tomorrow to spend pulling my house together.  Just call me organization station! Then it will be on to lots of time with family.  I am looking forward to attending church on Sunday and being able to rejoice in the wonderful sacrifice Christ made for us.

How was your week?

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March Birchbox




*All that I share below regarding Birchbox and its contents are my own personal opinions.  I do not receive compensation of any kind for the review provided.

I have been a loyal Birchbox subscriber for well over a year. I found out about Birchbox from Kate over at The Small Things Blog.  She received so many interesting products that I wanted to try it for myself.  (Thanks, Kate!)  For $10 a month you receive several deluxe sized samples of great beauty products.  I have fallen in love with many different gems through out this time.  I have always I have gotten my $10 worth each month (usually I feel like its worth WAY more).  I have to say that I am a beauty/hair product junkie, and so this is right up my alley.

This month I received an especially great box.

  • Macadamia Natural Oil – Healing Oil Treatment (in the bottle with the green top).  First of all, this sample is HUGE.  It smells great (but not very strong).  I used just a tiny amount of it in my hair.  I have very limp hair naturally and oils make me nervous.  This tiny amount was great – it helped tame fly aways and didn’t leave a greasy residue.
  • Make – Dual-Phase Eye Makeup Remover – I am not a huge makeup remover girl.  I just usually use face soap to remove my makeup.  However, this one will be great to keep on hand for the times when I need it.  It has very little fragrance, which my sensitive skin appreciates.
  • Make – Lipstick – Maraschino Cherry – This bright red lip stick has a matte finish, which is really nice for such a bright color.  It stays on well and doesn’t dry out my lips too much.  It is fun to dress up a traditional work outfit with this playful color.  I am loving it!  I am pretty adventurous with color, and I have to say this is not for the faint at heart.
  • Sage + fasten – Common Sense Perfume – This light fragrance is nice.  The tiny roll on formula will be great to keep on hand for travel.  I prefer more “food oriented” fragrances because I have allergies, but this is nice to mix it up.
  • Macadamia Natural Oil – Deep Repair Masque – I haven’t had a chance to try this yet, but I plan to this weekend.  It is about time I treated my hair to a masque with all of the products and heat I apply to it each day.
  • Madewell for Birchbox – Emery Board – pretty pink on one side and fun floral on the other.  What could be better?

Are you a Birchbox subscriber?  Do you have a favorite product that you have received?

lovin’ Bloglovin’

As we all mourn the end of Google Reader, we look to the future.

Luckily, I have recently fallen in love with Bloglovin’.  This really softened the blow of announcement of the end of Google Reader.  Bloglovin’ is great because you can see pictures from the posts in the feed each day.  This visual representation really adds to the excitement of seeing new posts from your favorite bloggers.   Also, the iPhone app is REALLY easy to follow.  I am still learning all of the amazing blog and social media options out there,  so easy use is always helpful.

I am now on Bloglovin’!! Bear with me as I get this all figured out!  You can follow me by searching: leighshops.  Also, I have a link at the very bottom of the blog.   I would be honored to have you as a follower!  We can learn/grow together!

In other news… T – minus 2 days until BlissDom 2013.  I am SO excited, especially as blogger newbie, to meet other bloggers, learn, and expand my horizons.  Are you going to BlissDom?!  Let me know! I just can’t wait to meet everyone! See you there!

high five for friday

This has been such a fun week. I am so glad to get to share it with y’all!

1. I spent my weekend doing basically nothing, which was wonderful.  I hung around the house, did some laundry, and spent lots of time reading blogs – there are so many gems out there!

2. I watched a movie with my mama –  This Means War starring Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine, and Tom Hardy.  It was a fun comedy with some great eye candy – Pine and Hardy.  Reese Witherspoon’s wardrobe for this movie pretty much acts as a wish list for my closet.

3. Our family friends were in town this week visiting my cousins.  Most of the girls of this group (myself included) got to spend time catching up and chatting out to dinner.  Good thing my cousin had homework to get back to or we might still be there chatting until this very moment.

4.  This week I was lucky enough to be featured in the Need, Read, Greed series of One Fine Day.  It was so much fun to share my picks! (More on that here.)

5. Ran in to TJ Max to look for a cute storage container for my bathroom counter, ended up going on a TJ Max shopping spree.  Why am I not surprised?!  This was a particularly fruitful trip.  Suffice it to say I left with a cute storage container  plus several housewares and a variety of tops. I will share more of that soon!

Hope you all had great weeks!

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I am beyond excited!

Seriously, I am beyond excited.  My long time sweet friend Erika of Erika’s Tea Cup and I swap blogs back and forth.  It’s great that we know each other so well that we can read a blog and know that we need to share it with the other.  It is also SO fun to read her blog because she lives many states away from Texas these days and so we don’t get to see/talk to each other often.  Reading her blog, I can absolutely hear her voice in my head reading the words to me. It’s a new way for us to stay in touch

Is this totally crazy?  I hope not.

Anyway, one of the blogs – an absolute  treasure – that she introduced me to is One Fine Day.  Ashley (the blogger) is just as obsessed with bright fun colors and patterns as I am.  Her style is girly and preppy without being tied to one specific style.  She has a love of home decor and design. There are many mentions of fonts (which as you know are a big deal to me) and lots of great collage style images.  She also makes many references, sometimes super discretely, to Gilmore Girls.  Gilmore Girls is one of those shows that never gets old.  I may or may not record episodes that replay on cable so that I have something fun to watch when nothing else is on or when I need time to decompress.  Each morning when I take a look at her blog, it puts me in a good mood and gets my mind turning with inspiration for both fashion and home design.  It is such a treat to read.

She has a weekly series called, Need Reed Greed, where she features different people and their picks in these categories.  This week, I am honored & DELIGHTED to be that featured person.  Ashley and I have traded emails back and forth and she is just as much of a doll as her blog leads you to believe (if not even more so).

Take and minute to fall in love with Ashley’s One Fine Day (I know you will) and check out my picks.  You will NOT regret it!

Thank you Ashley!! This makes my week month!

pinterest ponderings

I just love Pinterest!  I typically plan on spending just a few minutes pinning away and suddenly I look at the clock and its been 45 minutes.  Clearly I have a problem, but I can’t say that I care.  Here are a few pins that I love today!  (I have links to the original items, all the pins can be found on my pinterest boards.)

pink and orange hom

image This room encompasses many of my favorite colors.  I love the mixing of prints and patterns while staying true to the color palette.  As I decorate my new place, I hope to encompass several of these elements.

mod podge

image  I will take any excuse to craft.  I really need to set aside more time to do this, lately its been more craft pinning than actual crafting.  These would be so cool to make and hang one over my bed.  Now to decide what it should say.


image Whenever things need to be moved, this is the image that comes to mind. Naturally, followed by a loud exclamation, “PIVOT! PIVOT!”  Friends is just the best show of all time, hands down.  What is your favorite Friends moment?

high five for friday

I can’t believe we are already in March!  Also, we spring forward this weekend – while I am excited for a little more light in the evenings, the lost hour of sleep will be sorely missed.

1.  I spent some quality time with my little pup, Tweed.

Tweed eating

Isn’t he just the sweetest eating his dinner?! (might be a crazy dog mama, can’t help it!)

2. I worked out twice this week.  This is a HUGE accomplishment.  Working on making it a habit, wish me luck!

3. It is only 2 weeks until BlissDom. Can’t wait! Already planning my outfits! Too soon?!

4. My TV addiction runs deep.  This is proved by the sheer joy that washed over me watching the premiere of The Rachel Zoe Project.  To put it in her words, it was MAJOR.  Her collection was beautiful.  Also, we caught a glimpse of Oscar De La Renta & Michael Kors new collections.  Oscar was to die for as per usual.  Michael Kors featured LOTs of stripes and a 60s vibe.  But, I digress.

5. I broke down (mine current case is getting dingy) and ordered a new iPhone case this week – can’t wait for its arrival! – I will definitely debut it as soon as it arrives!

Hope y’all have a great weekend!

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to work out, or not to workout? that is the question.

I got a VERY random urge to work out.  For those of you who know me well, wipe those shocked looks off your face.  It happens from time to time (like 4 times a year).  I am working on increasing that number.  Naturally, when it crossed my mind to work out, I immediately began running outfit options through my head.  Do you wear outfits to work out?  Or would just calling it clothes be better? Either way, this led me to some online window shopping.  The results of this led to a workout wish list.

Check out this great top and cropped pants from Lululemon.

back on track tankChevron Lululemon

image, image

The reason I love this top is really three-fold.  1. It’s not a racer back tank. (Racer backs bother my shoulder blades) 2. It is not fitted around the waist and abdomen.  I mean, who wants to work out with a tank squeezing you in half?  2. Pink, but not too much, need I say more?

These pants are great because they are fitted to just below the knee – the open calves will be great for a dance class because they won’t ride up.  If I am going to work out, you better believe it is some sort of dance.

If I had great work out clothes, then maybe I would be happy to put them on and work out?  At least that’s my current plan.  I will keep you posted.


high five for friday

This has been such a whirlwind of a week, but here goes…

1. OSCAR night was this week!  It’s quite possibly the best night of the year.  more on that from an earlier post this week.

2. Discovered a new blog that I have quickly become obsessed with  Young House Love.  I would really like to get going on MANY of these home remodeling projects.  Just having trouble picking what to start with!!

3. Caught up with a friend this week.  Always fun to get together and talk our cares away!

4. This week has been cold by Dallas standards and I feel like its my last week to be able to wear my truly winter clothes.  Fingers crossed its last hurrah time for sweaters.  With my luck it will snow on Easter or something.

5. Having a date with my mama this weekend.  We are going to see Safe Haven.  We can’t wait!

How was your week?

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