fashion review – SAG awards style

Let me start by expressing the sheer joy I get when award season rolls around each year.  I watch every red carpet and award show possible.  I do a little dance of joy when I see Giuliana Rancic live from the red carpet on E!. I am fascinated by the wardrobe choices time after time.  Sometimes I love the choice, sometimes I think it looks like a sea-foam green trash bag (cough cough Jessica Chastain at the Golden Globes).  Another piece of the puzzle that I love is seeing styles that harken back to decades gone by.  These modern adaptations are usually some of the top looks on my best dressed list.

Having studied fashion in college and well really for my whole life, I have several opinions about the fashion on the red carpet of the SAG awards.  These opinions are just about the fashions worn and never about the people wearing them or the designers who created them.

The SAG awards were particularly impressive this year.  The looks were at times more adventurous than those of the Golden Globes.  Maybe the stars were feeling more adventurous because they were feeling very comfortable giving awards to each other in a room of their peers.  I have no clue, but I liked it.



Jessica Chastain (Alexander McQueen) – red hair, red carpet, red dress – perfect. classic elegance with loads of diamonds.



Amanda Seyfried (Zac Posen) – navy (one of my favorite colors ever, often under appreciated), layers of train, art deco necklace (1920s anyone?!)

jen lawrence sag


Jennifer Lawrence (Christian Dior)- another navy gem, tiny bit of layering at the knee, classic lines, slightly understated.  Personally, I would have liked her hair up off of her face a little.  But, she did wear it all back for the Golden Globes so I get it.



Kerry Washington (Rodarte) – **Modern Adaptation**Normally I would be opposed to this gown because of its snow-white color in January.  I make an exception here because of the design.  The “bustle” inspired look of the lace ruffles on the back of the gown give the impression of the true bustle era of the late 1800s.  The modern version did not add dimension and for lack of a better term, “poof” to the back, but rather just layers of lace with contrasting edge.

I didn’t for get about the men.



Justin Timberlake (Tom Ford) – tweed suit, enough said. Tom Ford can do no wrong in my book.  This was an outside the box choice even for JT.


Eddie Redmayne (Burberry? *not confirmed) – two words  – velvet tux.  Velvet is so perfect for the season, so old hollywood.  There is just something about velvet that makes me happy  – If I had my way, I would have velvet in all aspects of my life – clothing, housewares, drapes, you name it.

ben and jen sag


Finally, a little bit of love for the couple to beat – Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner.  They didn’t walk the red carpet together but I caught a glimpse of them getting out of them limo as they went off to their respective red carpet commitments.  I just love the two of them together, the way they talk about each other, and the fun they look like they are having living their lives together. Bonus: Jen is wearing Oscar de la Renta – she can do no wrong.

*I just can’t share any worst dressed, I just don’t have the heart this time.  Already feeling a little guilty for calling out Jessica Chastain at the globes.  Maybe I will be feeling more cut throat for different show, stay turned.


abc’s of me

I saw this on Beyond Blonde (blog I discovered through High Five for Friday from From My Grey Desk Blog) & knew I needed to give it a try! 

A – Available or Married?

available 🙂

B – Book?

currently reading: Safe Haven by: Nicholas Sparks

In preparation for the movie release.  Love a good Nicholas Sparks book & movie! Don’t worry I’ll bring tissues.

C – Cake or Pie?

pie, pumpkin to be specific.

D – Drink of Choice?

hot tea every morning

Starbucks: soy no water chai latte

E – Essential Item?

TIGI Hard Head hair spray & teasing comb without question.

F – Favorite Color?

pink – any & all shades

G – Game to Play or Watch?

Is is bad that when I saw the word game I thought of catch phrase? But sports game – watch (preferably in person) baseball. Not the biggest sports fan of all time.

H – Hometown?

Dallas, TX

I – Indulgence?

gummy candy of any kind – especially gummy coke bottles.

J – Job?

marketing coordinator for an online retailer

K – Kids and Names?

none, only my favorite four-legged friend – Tweed. (I will introduce him soon)

L – Life is Incomplete Without?

family, friends, Tweed.

M – Music Group or Singer?

I can’t pin down just one.  Let’s just say 99% of all country with a few show tunes thrown in to start.

N – Number of Siblings?

1 – younger brother

O – Oranges or Apples?

Apples – honey crisp specifically.

P – Phobias or Fears?

flying, heights, slightly claustrophobic – related…i think so.

Q – Favorite Quote?

Wish I could say it was something profound or life affirming, but really…it’s all of the movies/tv show quotes that are used in my daily life.  When I come across something better I will let you know.

R – Reason to Smile?

singing really loudly in my car during my semi-long commute to and from work.

S – Season?

spring for the colors, fall for the scarves…although Texas really only has summer and winter…so make that summer for the colors & my love of sandals and winter for the scarves.

T – Tattoo?

none 🙂

U – Unknown Fact About You?

I am allergic to raisins but not grapes.

V – Vegetable You Love?

carrots, broccoli, do we count potatoes?

W – Worst Habit?

Biting my nails – I don’t even notice when I am doing it.

X – X-Rays You’ve Had?

many for my crazy knee problems, teeth – dentist – that counts right?

Y – Your Favorite Food?

pumpkin pie, pad thai, pizza

Z – Zodiac?


high five for friday

1. I have ALWAYS wanted to have a #h54f post! Ever since I first read one on both The Small Things Blog & From My Grey Desk Blog.  This is a dream come true! I read each of these blogs daily and they were my inspiration for starting my own. Sisters Kate and Lauren each share a unique point of view on their lives, fashion, hairstyles, & make up.  From the bottom of my heart I have to thank each of them for giving me the guts to give this a try myself.  Also, for the candid honesty of their posts.

2. I did it…I started the blog.  That in and of itself is a big accomplishment.  It is a learning process but I am really loving it so far.    Can’t wait to delve in further.

3.  This week I made 2 home-made dinners.  Those of you who know me understand what an accomplishment this is.

4. two words…chik-fil-a breakfast…need i say more?

5.  Looking forward to many home improvement projects over the weekend.  Let’s hope this energy lasts long enough to accomplish many things! I will keep you posted

Link up here!

inspired to cook?

Have you heard of the Pioneer Woman?  I stumbled across her blog MANY years ago! After reading just a few of her posts, I knew I was hooked.  She writes about many different aspects of her life and it makes me want to live out on a ranch in the country…almost. Let’s face it.  I am a city girl.  It would take one very special cowboy to change my mind.  Although, I do love cowboy boots.

She wrote a book that is essentially the story of how she and her husband fell in love.  Its called Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels – A Love Story.  I recommend it to EVERYONE.  I may or may not have read the entire thing in about a day and a half (or less).  It, like her blog & cookbooks, is addicting.  Go. Purchase. Read. You can thank me later.

Now, I watch her Food Network show each weekend.  Recently, I saw an episode where she cooked out of her pantry.  I am slightly embarrassed to say that I don’t have much of a pantry…like virtually non-existent.  I have a few spices, several types of dried pasta, and a few baking supplies.  Sad but true.  The result of this is that I went grocery shopping (on a Sunday…yes, I was feeling brave) to be able to cook from my pantry 3 days later.  That counts, right?

The recipe that I had to have this week was a pasta dish.  Here is how my dear friend, Ree (The Pioneer Woman) prepared her meal: Pantry Pasta.  I call her a friend.  Is that nuts? I haven’t met her, ever.  But I respect her so much AND enjoy all that she shares with the world.  Therefore, she is a friend in my book.

While I didn’t use many of the same ingredients, she was definitely my inspiration.  She said to cook with what I had…I tried, but it was more like cook with what I purchased. Baby steps here in the kitchen.  Cooking anything is a big deal to me.

Disclaimer: I am a NOVICE in the photography category.


ingredients: wild mushroom fettuccine, sun-dried tomatoes, diced tomatoes, pesto (heaven), frozen broccoli pieces, goat cheese (creamy, tangy treat)

oh yes, and these too!


last few ingredients: red pepper flakes (just a few), chicken stock, garlic powder

I cooked up (you hear the Texas in me?!) all of the ingredients. Pasta in its own pot, the rest in a skillet.  I added the pesto and chicken stock towards the end of cooking.  It was a dance 10, looks 3 type of meal.  Anyone else love A Chorus Line? (I know it’s rather racy…but consider yourself warned.) This part of the show was running through my head as I cooked…well at least the first part of the song.  Yes, I have a love of musical theater.  guilty as charged. There is something wonderful about the feeling of a musical where the emotions and feelings are so great that there is nothing left to do but sing and dance.  This is how all of life should be.

Goat cheese is my new love.  It melts into the hot pasta forms a creamy cheesy sauce that just makes the meal.  I added it right before serving.


goat cheese = game changer

All told, it was a great dinner! I look forward to the leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch at work.  Maybe this cooking thing is better than I thought? Only time will tell. One thing I know for sure….Pioneer Woman makes cooking a whole lot more fun. What will she inspire me to cook next?

I have to admit it…

I have to admit it…I love fonts.  I can get sucked into font websites for endless amounts of time.  Some of my favorites include: &

I not sure just what it is.  Handwriting is something that has always fascinated me, too.  I used to change/improve my handwriting all the time growing up.  Now, I regret that my handwriting has disintegrated to the point that it is today.  I admire those who have fantastic handwriting.  I even work to pick up pieces of theirs that I really like for my own handwriting.

But I digress…fonts remind me of handwriting or even sometimes the handwriting I wish I had.  They can say so much so quickly.  Just the look of a font instantly sets the mood of the image that you see…happy, sad, whimsical, ominous, serious…all without even reading the words.

There is no one specific font that I gravitate to exclusively.  I recognize fonts all over in magazines, billboards, store signs, etc. I can recall the name of the font at just a glance. Maybe my love of fonts directly correlates to both my need for things to be pretty (not in a girly, snobby sort of way) in a way that it fits the item/work’s personality or purpose AND my love of graphic prints & patterns in fabric, art, and apparel.  The visual appeal of it all really matters to me and I notice it all around.

Have you ever even considered fonts in this much detail?  Probably not.  Am I way over the edge with my font obsession?  Probably so.

All of this being said, I can pin down certain aspects of fonts that make them appealing to me.

  1. straight up and down.  These types of fonts do not lean to one side or the other giving the impression that if it was actual handwriting that it was written by a righty or a lefty.  They tend to be far more symmetrical than the slanted fonts…this must be from the genes of my electrical engineer grandfather.  I feel this way about both cursive and printed fonts.
  2. Serifs.  Serifs are the little lines that I feel ground the font (not the technical definition, clearly).  Without it, a font can feel to clinical.  Serifs harken back to the days of the typewriter.  Not the electric typewriters our parents used in school, but the old-fashioned typewriters where you could see the hammer of the letter rise and stamp the page with each letter pressed.  I can picture a someone sitting at her typewriter recording the days events in fine clothing in a candlelit room.  Have I mentioned my interest in history? There is something special and purposeful about works written in a serif font.
  3. Anything but comic sans.  I can’t say for sure if it’s the over use of this font in my late childhood/tween (which wasn’t even a concept when I was that age we just called it pre-teen) stage of life or if it’s complete lack of formality.  I can hardly even get through something typed in this font without feeling enraged. Yes, a font makes me enraged.  I’m not alone in this…my friends and I have discussed it.

Yes, fonts can cause me to write an entire page about my feelings about them.  That’s enough of my font musings for now.  Take a look at the world around you and you probably have more font opinions than you thought. I’ve planted that seed…do with it what you will.

whelp, here goes nothing.

I’ve been telling myself I would start this for some time now, and haven’t.  Enough talking about it…time to just start.

First, I will set a few ground rules/impt things to know about me.

#1 I cannot promise to use correct grammar.  Of course, I will do my best, but I might not catch every little thing. My apologies in advance.

#2 Hopefully, I won’t be the only person interested in what I am saying.

#3 I love fashion. I studied it in school.  I collect apparel, shoes, handbags, & jewelry like some people collect antiques, dishes, or art.

#4 I spend far too much money on magazines. I adore any and all fashion magazines, home decorating magazines, and especially the weeklies – People, US, Entertainment Weekly. Recently, I have gotten in to the digital magazines – Lonny Mag, Matchbook, to name a few..  Also, always looking for suggestions for new ones to add to my collection. Suggestions welcome.

#5 TV plays far too much a role in my life.  I firmly believe that there is a Friends quote application to almost all life situations…recently I have used the term…”PIVOT” a lot.  If you watched Friends, you know what I’m talking about.

Finally, this is a learning process…please bear with me.